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tutorial_overview Here we are! I’ve filled out some tasks for you based on your interests. Try adding a few of your own. You can edit any task by tapping the title.
tutorial_habits_1 First up is Habits. They can be positive Habits you want to improve or negative Habits you want to quit.
tutorial_habits_2 Every time you do a positive Habit, tap the + to get experience and gold!
tutorial_habits_3 If you slip up and do a negative Habit, tapping the - will reduce your avatar’s health to help you stay accountable.
tutorial_habits_4 Give it a shot! You can explore the other task types through the bottom navigation.
tutorial_dailies_1 Make Dailies for time sensitive tasks that need to be done on a regular schedule.
tutorial_dailies_2 Be careful — if you miss one, your avatar will take damage overnight. Checking them off consistently brings great rewards!
tutorial_todos_1 Use To Do's to keep track of tasks you need to do just once.
tutorial_todos_2 If your To Do has to be done by a certain time, set a due date. Looks like you can check one off — go ahead!
tutorial_rewards_1 Buy gear for your avatar with the gold you earn!
tutorial_rewards_2 You can also make real-world Custom Rewards based on what motivates you.
tutorial_tasks_complete That's all for now. If you need a reminder, check the FAQ section.
tutorial_skills Skills are special abilities that have powerful effects! Tap on a skill to use it. It will cost Mana (the blue bar), which you earn by checking in every day and by completing your real-life tasks. Check out the FAQ in the menu for more info!
tutorial_party This is where you and your friends can hold each other accountable to your goals and fight monsters with your tasks!
tutorial_tavern Welcome to the Tavern, a public, all-ages chatroom! Here you can chat about productivity and ask questions. Have fun!
tutorial_stats Tap the gray button to allocate lots of your stats at once, or tap the arrows to add them one point at a time.