Key English Finnish
todos To Do's
discard Discard
quest_begin Begin Quest
quest_abort Abort Quest
version_info Version %1$s (%2$d)
ago_1day 1d ago
ago_1hour 1h ago
remaining_1day 1d remaining
remaining_1Minute 1m remaining
remaining_minutes %dm remaining
quest_items_found You've found %d quest items
armoireEquipment You found %s in the Armoire
armoireFood You rummage in the Armoire and find%1$s %2$s. What's that doing in here?
armoireExp You wrestle with the Armoire and gain Experience. Take that!
sell Sell (%d Gold)
hatch_with_potion Hatch with potion
hatch_egg Hatch with egg
invite_party Invite party
dialog_feeding Feed %s with:
hatch_with Hatch pet with %s