Key English Cebuano
action_refresh Refresh
XP_default Experience
HP_default Health
MP_default Mana
PS_settings_title Settings
SP_userID_title User ID
SP_userID_summary Your User ID
SP_APIToken_title API Token
SP_APIToken_summary Your API Token
Language_title Language
Language_summary Change Habitica's language
PS_contact_title Contact me
pref_account_header Account
pref_first_day_of_the_week_title First Day of the Week
pref_first_day_of_the_week_summary First day of the week in all calendars
pref_reminder_header Daily Reminder
pref_reminder_checkbox Activate Reminder
pref_reminder_picker Set Reminder Time
pref_cds_header Custom Day Start
pref_push_notifications_checkbox Use Push Notifications